We believe in being transparent and open with our customers at all stages. Instead of using gimmicks and fancy words, we are upfront with our offerings.
With 10 revisions after the completion of your video, we will give you the number we promise you in our plan.

Social media booster is a free add-on we are providing to get your videos repurposed. We believe your audience is everywhere so your content should be too. We will give you a standard 16:9 YouTube version, 1:1 Instagram version, and a 15-sec story for your Instagram as well.
With our social media boosters get every video repurposed for social media to increase your audience and grow your channel.

If you feel that you require a custom plan to your needs, for instance, more videos in a month, we can assess and draw up a plan specifically for you. Reach out to our email or chat support to request a quote.

We can edit all types of videos mentioned here:

– Music Videos
– Talking Heads
– Tutorials
– Youtube Videos
– Videos Ads
– Videos for Instagram
– Vlogs
– Travel Videos
– Online Courses

However, we currently don’t offer the following services related to video editing:

– Animations
– Voiceovers
– VR 360
– Motion Graphics


If your style of video isn’t mentioned in the list above, reach-out to our chat support.

We will provide you a dedicated board on MONDAY.COM. Its like your personal portal where you can upload your data and constantly integrate with your editor without having to worry about paying a separate fee for premium file transfer services like Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.

Once you checkout with a plan, you will receive an invite in email to your private board on MONDAY.COM. On that board, you will upload your files and fill us out with details to create your video request.

There isn’t any limit on file size, with many of the clients uploading footage shot in 4K. However, we do encourage our clients to download the finished videos to their systems to keep the media management clutter-free.

We provide our clients with a Frame.io link for video proofing where you can comment in real time on the edited video so we can instantly see the revisions you asked for and make the changes so that it’s accurate and smooth, in-line with our promise to deliver the best experience possible while providing maximum value.

Of course! A queue of requests will be created on your personal board at MONDAY.COM and your editor will start working on them in the same order. As long as you are subscribed to us, you would continue to receive a video every 52 hours. You can ask for a custom plan by contacting our chat support.

For every video you get edited by us, you have the option to get its subtitles as well. You aren’t required to buy any add-on’s, its all part of our standard plans.

We work from Monday to Saturday, 6 days a week.

That’s great! Choose a plan of your choice and subscribe. You will be sent a welcome email containing the on-boarding process so you can acquaint yourself to our process and get started immediately.